Here come some Mega Man art books

Udon is putting out an “Official Complete Works” book for the Mega Man Battle Network series. It shall be glorious. As a lifelong Mega Man fan, I can fully endorse these books. Udon has put out three of them so far (one for OG Mega Man, one for Mega Man X, and one for Mega Man Zero) and they’ve all been awesome, particularly the OG Mega Man edition. It was there that I learned that Mega Man was originally called Rainbow Battle Miracle Kid. Pretty rad.

In related news, and artist named Logan Zawacki is putting out a limited edition art-book (or in this case, more like art-three-ring-binder) containing blueprints for Mega Man and all his robo-brothers and sisters. Only 50 will be released, and they’ll cost $100 each. He started the project in 2009, so we can’t be certain if the bosses from Mega Man 10 will be included, but from the website, we can see that he goes up to at least Mega Man 8. The blueprint for Search Man, the two headed military boss from Mega Man 8, is in full effect, and it’s creepy.

That reminds me, I still need to beat the NES demake of Mega Man 8. I wonder what dot-art Search
Man looks like?

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Jonathan Holmes
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