Here come some Alien vs. Predator details!

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Since it was announced a few months ago, Alien vs. Predator has become one of my most eagerly awaited titles. Speaking as a massive Xenomorph fan, this game is going to make me soak my panties. To keep things moist, a batch of fresh details have been revealed in PSW, which we are now regurgitating like birds feeding their young.

The game will feature three-way combat between the Aliens, the Predators and the Marines, and the three factions will be balanced out with a rock/paper/scissors sensibility. As well as multiplayer, there will also be a single player campaign for each of the three species. The game is set thirty years after the events of Aliens, with the Xenomorph threat resurfacing on a brand new colonial planet. 

“As the Colony continued digging for minerals they discovered ancient ruins that immediately caught the attention of Weyland Yutani, who began doing a more thorough sweep of the rest of the planet,” explains Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley. “That was seven years ago, and recently the company found what they were looking for, but couldn’t contain it…”

Kingsley compares this new effort to the studio’s original AvP games, believing this will be a superior title. With the original PC titles, he claims there were hardware limitations holding them back, but now Rebellion is free to do as it wishes. The original games will lie at the heart of this one’s development, though. Sounds hot and I cannot wait to see more from this.

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