Here be God of War: Ghost of Sparta gameplay footage

Here’s a sexy new video for God of War: Ghost of Sparta in which Kratos beats the everloving shite out of mermen, minotaurs and big funny monsters. So, business as usual then. 

Like all God of War games, Ghost of Sparta looks like a God of War game. Some of you might be a bit tired of the formula, while the rest of you are licking your lips and making circular motions around the underside of your glans with an index finger in anticipation of a portable gaming orgasm. 

As for me, I will likely get it. Chains of Olympus was a great, if short, game, and while I grew bored of God of War III before the credits rolled, I always have far more tolerance on a handheld. Anyway, check out the video, let us know what you think!

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