Here are your Steam pack sales for the next four days

Lewie Procter of Savygamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun fame was friendly enough to point us to this. Someone over at the Cheapassgamer forums leaked the upcoming Steam sales, which look pretty legit. Some of deals listed in the forum post are on Steam as we speak.

Especially noteworthy are details on the Indie packs. These will have five games per pack for probably around the same price as today’s Indie Story Pack (€4,59, $5).  Check out the entire list below.

Indie Game Packs:

I never gave Flotilla or Gratuitous Space Battles a chance (which is also getting a less gratuitous story mode expansion), so that Air Pack is looking particularly tasty.

Other Game packs deals:

[CAG via Savygamer, thanks Lewie!]

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