Here are the winners of Valve’s 2015 Saxxy awards

TF2 is still funny 8 years later

Valve used to make really god damn cool videos for its games. Alongside the now legendary Team Fortress 2 Meet the… videos, it also produced some rad videos for Left 4 Dead and Portal 2. The last one I can find is for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and even that was awesome.

Alongside its own videos, Valve released Source Filmmaker to let other people make similar things and the annual Saxxy Awards to acknowledge Source filmmaking brilliance. This year’s winners have been announced, and they are still just as awesome as they were years ago when the awards were introduced.

Here’s a full run-down of the list of winners:

Best Comedy: Food Fortress – Pez 108

Best Drama (also the only Dota 2 video): Together We Stand – NoxStudio

Best Extended: It’s Playtime – SFMTales

Best Short: A Dang Good Cop – Will T.

Best Action: Micro-Mann – The Winglet

And the winner for the best overall video?

The amazing Turbulence by Dunkle, which you can see below. Featuring great action sequences, some genuinely funny moments, and original voice acting, it’s pretty clear to see why this one won:

All of the videos and the nominees are totally worth watching on the Source Filmmaker website, even if some are a little bit jankier than others. It’s awesome to see what people can still do with Team Fortress 2 and the Source engine, even if it is a bit past its prime now.

Joe Parlock