Here are the winners of the ASTRO A30 headset contest!

Destructoid and ASTRO Gaming teamed up to giveaway two sets of ASTRO A30 headsets and Audio Systems last month! The headsets are on sale right now for $99.95 and the Audio Systems are going for $199.95 — both a huge savings off the normal prices.

In order to have entered the contest, we wanted you to design the custom speaker tags that will be given out with the ASTRO A30s we plan to giveaway at PAX Prime this year during our Destructoid LIVE panel! We received a ton of great submissions and narrowed the finalists to the first 15 designs in the gallery below by these artists: apocalypsebob, awwyeadatsright, B3NW, bischoff222, Chris Chambers, Cutie Honey, elvandar, Eques-Ardor, Fluffy Pancakes, JLanphear, Manic Maverick, Maxpower, Super Crunch Waffle, Wtfrawl and Zero2010.

Destructoid and ASTRO voted on the 15 finalists and the clear winner was Fluffy Pancakes for his design. Coming in a close second was ApocalypseBob with this design. Congrats you two! Check your e-mails so we can get your shipping info!

Thanks again to ASTRO Gaming and to everyone the entered. Be sure to check out our Xbox 360 Slim and Madden NFL 11 giveaway for more chances at winning free stuff!

Hamza Aziz