Here are the preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Tons of info to sift through

Square Enix has posted the 3.0 update patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, which is due for launch on Friday for early access pre-orders.

It details the new locations, jobs, abilities, items, and everything else you’ll need to start planning your time with the expansion. Note that these are preliminary, so they don’t detail everything, mostly so the community doesn’t go crazy and try to exploit or manipulate the economy before everything changes.

If you’re curious, here’s the full schedule of what to expect this week, including outages and early access timing. Our review in progress kicks off on Friday, where I’ll take my five max-level classes into the new expansion content and try out the three new jobs.

Here’s a bonus pro tip: since there’s maintenance all day tomorrow, you have until today to complete the main questline, which is required to jump directly into the new 3.0 Heavensward storyline on Friday.

Patch 3.0 Notes (Preliminary) [Final Fantasy]

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