Here are some Ninja Blade screens whether you like it or not

From Software’s QTE-drenched action game Ninja Blade is out in April after several delays. I have a feeling that the publishers kept screwing up the “press X Button to release game in February” minigame. Nevertheless, we’ll all get a chance to enjoy timed button presses while the game plays itself and looks like it’s having more fun than us very soon. Have some screenshots to celebrate. 

I’ve been harsh on Ninja Blade ever since I “played” it at TGS last year, but I do hope it turns out well. It’s been a while since I got to play a genuinely good hack-n’-slash action game, and Ninja Blade at least looks sexy and big-budget. I just hope that the ridiculous amount of QTEs I played in Tokyo don’t account for 90% of the game as they threatened to do so. 

I don’t mind quick-time-events at all, but I do if they’re being used as the sole gameplay mechanic. Unless it’s Gitaroo Man, of course, and somehow I doubt Ninja Blade will have kick-ass music to justify the button mashing.

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