Here are some new Skate 2 screens, but where’s my meat?

Electronic Arts has sent us some new Skate 2 screens, no doubt getting us amped up for the game’s January 21 release.

We get new screenshots. Stephen Totilo at MTV Multiplayer, on the other hand, the dude gets steaks. Yes, EA sent Totilo two Omaha Steaks as a “promotional item” for Skate 2. Because Totilo has journalistic integrity, he will likely refuse to eat the steaks, maybe even give them to a homeless shelter. 

Me? I want some God damned steaks. I’m hungry over here. EA has already assured us that a review copy of Skate 2 is on the way and should arrive this week, but there was no mention of steaks. Meat or no meat, keep your eye out next week for a full review of EA Black Box’s sequel.

Meat would, of course, help me write the review. But don’t worry — if all it took were two juicy steaks to color my opinion of a game, journalistic integrity would be the least of my worries. I’m talking about heart disease, of course.

Nick Chester