Here are most of the rest of the Wii U Challenge videos

A few stragglers keep the total just shy of 50

Yesterday, I talked about the Wii U Challenge, a video jam of sorts in which 50 YouTube artists were each sent a Wii U Deluxe Set and asked to make a short film that incorporated the hardware and software in some fashion.

Only 16 vids — including one from Dtoid community member Frank Howley — were live by the time I wrote yesterday’s post. Minus a small handful of “Tardy Marties,” we now have the rest of the batch, which includes Rocco Botte of Mega64, Pro Jared of ScrewAttack, Andrew “Black Nerd” Meadows, Warialasky, and more. Of special note is Pwnisher’s incredible fight sequence, “Waluigi vs. Luigi.” I don’t care what anyone else says, but I always picked Waluigi in Mario Tennis. Love that guy!

Enjoy the not-so-subtle viral marketing, duders!

“Christmas Prank Ideas” – Barats and Bereta

“OUI (NINTENDO WII U ART FILM)” – Rocco Botte of Mega64 feat. Shawn Chatfield & Gus Sorola of Rooster Teeth

“Wii U Haiku” – Brett the Intern

“The Way Games Work : Wii U GamePad” – Clan of the Gray Wolf

“ZOMBIE ATTACK!” – Alex Carpenter

“20 Years” – Jesse Cox

“Wii Have A Problem!” – DashieXP

“Wii U Gets U A BOYFRIEND?” – Adorian Deck

“Mom Plays Wii U” – Dan Dobi

“Super Mario Zombie Bros.” – Dr. Coolsex

“Luigi’s Haunted Mansion” – Brett Driver feat. Jimmy Wong & Wren Weichman

“Video Game Break Up” – Jason Horton

“Wii U Dub” – Jaboody Dubs

“ZombiU Commercial” – Josh Jepson

“Wii U – The Chore Killer” – “Pro Jared” Knabenbauer

“Wii U Mario Surprise” – Andrew McMurry

“BUY Mii A Wii U – Nintendo Rap Music Video” – Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows

“Nintendo Nostalgia” – Jason Munday

“New Super Mario Bros. U Hand Drawn Animation” – Chris Pavlou

“WiiU Prank Calls” – Simply Spoons feat. Damon Fizzy & Christian Novelli

“What is Wii U?” – Traveler

“11 Nintendo Facts” – Vsauce3

“Wii U Self Defense” (Part 1 / Part 2) – Warialasky

“Talking Consoles Welcome Home Wii U” – The Warp Zone


“I didn’t know my WiiU could do that!” – Wren Weichman

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