Here are five better names for the solo Harley Quinn movie

They are all fantabulous

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Warner Bros. has just announced the full title for the upcoming Cathy Yan directed Birds of Prey film. Instead of keeping things simple, we now have a gigantic run-on sentence to contend with. When shopping for the Blu-ray in the future, make sure to ask for Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn), otherwise, you might be leaving with a nature documentary.

That last part won’t be happening for a bit, as the film is scheduled to hit theaters in February of 2020. That should give Warner Bros. enough time to think of a better title because the current one is hot trash. Since no one figured to keep thing short and sweet, I decided to come up with a bunch of alternate titles to show that naming a film doesn’t need to be convoluted.

Here are my five best attempts.

Harley Quinn is the Star

Short, sweet and to the point, this title would even play into the fact that everyone wanted Harley to be the breakout character from Suicide Squad. It also makes perfect sense in that Harley is a little narcissistic, so she would clearly name a film about her like this.

Harley the Maverick

Instead of being too on the nose with something like Solo Harley, you could rip open that thesaurus of yours and pick a sexier sounding word. Since being a maverick is all about breaking out on your own, why not title the film after what is clearly happening here? Harley is going out on her own without the Squad and she’s gonna cause some mayhem. It just plain works.

Harley Quinn

How was this not the first title anyone thought of? The film is a movie about Harley Quinn, starring Harley Quinn and being used as a vehicle to push Harley Quinn. I know the Birds of Prey comic is about more than her, but clearly, this movie is going to have Margot Robbie be the main star. How about just name the film after her and use it as a way to kickstart her own series.


This one is easy to figure out. Harley Quinn is a woman and a villain: using the female version of that word sounds sexy, conveys the intention of the film and describes the main character. The only reason I wouldn’t use this is that a Korean film with basically the same name exists, but that hasn’t stopped similarly named movies from coming out before.

We’re Sorry for Suicide Squad

I know this one has basically no chance in hell of being official, but it would go a long way for making up for the disaster that is Suicide Squad. The film may have won an Oscar for costume design, but it had a lot of untapped potential and poorly utilized stars doing exceptionally boring stuff. Even Harley’s role in the film was underused. Just get the apology out of the way.

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