Here are all the doujin games from Comiket 88

Over an hour of Japanese indie trailers

Comic Market (or Comiket for short) is scheduled to take place this upcoming weekend, starting August 14. There, hundreds of thousands of people will pour into the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center to get their hands on rare self-published manga, music, games, and other curiosities. 

As per usual, Astebreed studio Edelweiss has cut together a collection of trailers showcasing many of the games that will be available at the event, a large portion which are Touhou-themed.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there — and some not-so-interesting stuff. The new shooters from Siter Skain and Astro Port definitely piqued my interest. As did that Limbo clone. But far and away my favorite game in the bunch is illuCalab’s Maboroshihashi Sky Drift, the racer with Touhou characters surfing on top of one another. Good lord, that has to get localized. Please bug Playism (who recently published the same developer’s Takkoman) and Nyu Media until that happens.

コミケ(C88)同人ゲームまとめ動画 [Edelweiss]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson