Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is packed with Do-Wanty goodness

More news out of the Nintendo Media Summit today:

What’s this? An EA Nintendo DS title that I’m looking forward to? Poppycock! No really. As Destructoid’s resident puzzle game whore, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is right up my alley, and if you like the idea of mixing puzzle and action together, I think it will be up your alley, too.

If you’ve missed what little coverage of this game we’ve ran in the past, know that HHitPA is a blend of adventure and puzzle games. The action takes the DS’s top screen while the puzzle element dominates the bottom one. In it, there’s five worlds to explore for artifacts, spanning over 30 levels and ending epic boss fights. 

The two side of this game have a cause and effect relationship, and you’ll have to switch between puzzle and adventure screens on the fly. Sounds like a game I can scream at and embarass myself in public!

Dale North