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Henry Halfhead will require your full mind to solve puzzles

I have half a mind

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Lululu Entertainment has revealed their next game, Henry Halfhead. This sandbox puzzle game is looking to release next year.

Casting you as the titular half-headed Henry, Henry Halfhead gives you the ability to possess objects. The trailer demonstrates Henry possessing a pair of safety scissors to slice up an apple, which is impressive. I could never even cut craft paper with those. My second thought is wondering if I could jam those scissors into an electrical socket.

Henry Halfhead will have you play out the life of a person with only half a head, from making your bed in the morning to (I presume) feeding the ducks on a park bench. You expand and unlock new levels by solving puzzles and interacting with objects. The developer is touting over 150 interactive objects that you can tinker around with. There’s also a co-op mode, if you’d like to partner with your other half. Oh, and you can also put hats on Henry, which is pretty key.

Lululu Entertainment (I’m glad I’m just writing that and not saying it out loud) has only developed one game previous to this, the competitive, stick-flinging title Bamerang. Henry Halfhead is quite the departure from that style, but from the looks of things, it’s shaping up pretty well. It’s hard not to dig the crisp visual style they’re showing off.

Currently, PC is the only announced platform for Henry Halfhead. It’s set to release within the wide window of 2024.

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