Help Wanted screens give new meaning to ‘odd job’

The job-working sim Help Wanted is probably the first Wii minigame collection I’ve looked forward to. And these new screens show more of the 50 jobs you can have in this game.

In Help Wanted, you not just working for cash. While you can use what you’ve earned in your odd jobs to shop for items, your real task is to save the planet by funding a planetary defensive system that will save Earth from meteors. No pressure, though. 

Among the jobs shown in our gallery are dairy farming, EMT tech, haunted house staff member, sumo referee, sushi chef, and a plane cleaner… that cleans planes in flight. The one pictured above has earned a whopping $.40 for risking her life. Damn this economy.

Hudson is bringing the back-breaking labor of Help Wanted to the Wii in Summer of 2009.

Dale North