Help Shenmue fans get an answer from Sega

I know that this is a few days old but since nobody talked about it here, I felt like I had to. The guys behind the BBC Scotland video game show VideoGaiden are going to launch a “massive†Shenmue 3 campaign. They want us to help them show Sega that gamers haven’t forgotten about Ryo Hazuki and his quest to avenge his father’s death. Their goal is to get a definitive answer from Sega about the status of Shenmue 3. There are a few ways you can help them out:-post a Shenmue related video in the “VideoGaiden Shenmue III Appeal†You Tube group;-send fan made Shenmue stuff (fanfics, pictures, drawings, articles, poems…) to [email protected];-and most importantly, spread the word! I’ve been a Shenmue fan ever since I first saw the Project Berkley video back in the summer of 1999. Most of us long time Shenmue fans know better than to get our hopes up but we think that it’s worth one last shot. Those of you who have never heard about Shenmue should check out the Shenmue Dojo (which is, in my opinion, the best Shenmue fan site).The campaign starts tonight at 11:10PM (UK time) on BBC2 Scotland (Sky Digital channel 990). If any progress is made, I’ll let you know. Let’s make some noise!

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