Help name hundreds of characters in Dragon’s Dogma

Seriously! Dragon’s Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi took to Capcom-Unity to ask for your hand in naming the in-game allies, The Pawns. They are looking for 300 names across three distinct categories:

  • Modern name (e.g. Michael, Mike, Ben, etc.)
  • Dragon’s Dogma world reflected name (e.g. Adaro, Aelinore, etc.)
  • Pet names (e.g. Coco, Pooch, etc.)

Follow that first link to see how you can submit your ingenious character name. The contest is open until May 29, so you can take your time with this one. On an unrelated note, I’m so calling my next pet Coco. As in, the comedian — not Ice-T’s special lady.

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