Help create a monument to Halo: Reach’s Noble Team

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As far as viral marketing goes, this one is a winner.

Microsoft, as part of their ramp up to the launch of Halo: Reach is letting the world create a statue of light in honor of the fallen/missing soldiers of Noble Team, the main characters of the game, over at Remember Reach. The site will launch Monday, and allow users to control (kind of) a giant robotic arm, which will in turn start to create the sculpture. You can see how it will all work in the video below.

When you head over to the site you will be able to plot a point and a time line will be kept of when the points were plotted. This will also be linked to your Facebook page. While there are only 54,000 points of light that doesn’t mean that the massive audience that is sure to check this out will be left in the dark. The points will gradually fade and need to be replotted as time goes on so that everyone who wants to be involved can plot a point. The sculpture should be completed by Sept. 14.

Video: Giant Robot Arm Powers Innovative Halo: Reach Light Sculpture [Wired]

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