Hellraid totally isn’t cancelled

Totally 100% definitely happening

When a game is announced to be “on hold” or “on hiatus,” we usually just take that to mean it has been cancelled. Prey 2 was put “on hold,” and that still breaks my small, withered heart. I’m able to avoid the emotional turmoil by just assuming every game is cancelled. All of them. Even the ones on your shelves were cancelled, just like Prey 2 was…

However, Techland seems pretty eager to remind us the medieval first-person hack-and-slash Hellraid is still coming, despite being put on hold last month.

CEO Pawel Marchewka told Eurogamer the game is currently on hiatus due to the massive success that was the pretty fantastic Dying Light, and the desire to do more with that.

So if Hellraid is on hold, when will it be worked on again? Marchewka gave a pretty big non-answer full of very vague dates:

“Once we deliver everything we want [for Dying Light], probably by the – I don’t know – end of the third quarter this year, we will then maybe start to send some new [Hellraid] materials or informations or thinking about what’s the release date, something like that. There is nothing concrete about this timing…

But putting on hold means we want some of the resources to concentrate on Dying Light, and once they do what needs to be done we will come back to Hellraid.”

So it might be by Q3 this year we hear from Hellraid. Maybe. If we’re lucky and the stars have aligned.

It just doesn’t seem normal to me to be placing all of a development team’s resources on to a game that’s already been released, so I think the next time we hear from Hellraid will be the actual confirmation development’s been cancelled.

That, or it will drift in to the abyss of ‘on hold’ games that everyone forgets about. It might even bump into The Last Guardian and they’ll be friends in their never-coming-out-ness.

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Joe Parlock