Hello Neighbor gets an inevitable sequel, but this time the neighbor is a beaked birdfreak

This jerk is gonna lower your property value

It might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about successful video games, but tinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor has been an absolute tour de force since its 2017 launch. It has 30 million downloads across its various platforms, which has allowed it to venture into spinoff games, young adult novels, comic books, and an animated series. It’s the sort of franchise that does bonkers numbers on YouTube among young audiences who like watching Five Nights at Freddy’s Let’s Plays.

All that success is why tinyBuild recently threw another $15 million at Hello Neighbor, acquiring developer Dynamic Pixels and investing more into non-game projects. Inevitably, a proper numbered sequel, Hello Neighbor 2, was announced today.

Hello Neighbor 2 doesn’t feature the same burly mustachioed creepshow from every other Hello Neighbor game, but rather a crow-like birdman. It’s the same antagonist from the recently-revealed Hello Guest game which takes place in an abandoned theme park. However, it’s unclear if that’s even a real game or just an elaborate tease; the link in the trailer now redirects to the Hello Neighbor 2 Steam page.

The defining feature of Hello Neighbor 2 seems to be its open-world setting. The original more of less confined the player to the proximity of an increasingly-elaborate house. The sequel gives you free rein of the town of Raven Brooks as the bird creature stalks your every move.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can register for the alpha on the Hello Neighbor 2 site. It’s only announced for PC and Xbox Series X right now, but that’s likely to change. Given how much money the original made, the sequel is bound to spring up on every platform possible.

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