Hello Game’s Joe Danger confirmed as PSN title

Hello Games has confirmed today that its first title, the racing-stunt-action title Joe Danger, will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 this spring as a PlayStation Network title.

“We’re giddy with anticipation to be coming to PS3,” says managing director Sean Murray, “it’s frankly the most exciting day in Hello Games history so far. We’re a tiny team of four, trying to make a really big game, with some huge features like user generated content. We’re the developer, the publisher and marketing team for Joe Danger. At best we know how to do one of those, and even that’s arguable. It’s a rollercoaster ride.”

The game will be part of Sony Computer Entertainment America’s PlayStation Network Publishing Fund, which helps smaller developers by offsetting development and publishing costs.

I hope to finally get some hands-on time with Joe Danger next week, so check back for impressions and details soon.

Nick Chester