Helldivers 2 Stratagems Tier List

Helldivers 2 Stratagem Tier List

Not all Stratagems are created equally

There are a ton of Stratagems in Helldivers 2, but each one requires you to spend some requisitions and meet a level requirement to unlock. We’ve put together this Helldivers 2 Strategem Tier List to help you plan out which Strategems you should go for first to be most effective.

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Best Helldivers 2 Stratagems and Tier List

Here are the best Stratagems for Helldivers 2 and our Tier List. Keep in mind this may change based on updates and patches. Here is our current Tier List based on the state of the game on March 26, 2024.

S Tier Strategems

All of the Stratagems in the S Tier are great in almost any scenario and against both bugs and automatons. You can’t go wrong with any of these as they will go a long way in the fight to spread democracy.

Anti Materiel Rifle▼◄►▲▼A powerful semi-automatic rifle with adjustable zoom. Extremely effective against Automatons as it can pierce medium armor.
Eagle Airstrike▲►▼►An offensive targeted strike that can clear out most small armored enemies including the Hive Guard.
Orbital Laser►▼▲►▼An orbital laser beam from the sky that does massive damage to soft targets, and is able to destroy Bug Tanks and Impalers if it hits their weak points. Tracks nearby enemies.
Orbital Railcannon Strike►▲▼▼►An orbital-focused railcannon strike with a small area of effect splash damage. Ignores enemy armor meaning it can kill Cyborg IFVs, Bug Tanks, Behemoths, and Obelisks in a single strike.
Railgun▼►▼▲◄►An experimental weapon with the capability to penetrate armor. Must be charged between shots, but effective against Bile Spewers, Nursing Spewers, and even Bile Titans.
Shield Backpack▼◄▼▼▲◄A defensive bulwark that protects from projectiles and even some melee attacks.
Helldivers 2 A Tier Stratagems
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A Tier Stratagems

The A Tier Stratagems are solid in most situations, and perhaps even have unique situations in which they excel higher than S Tier Stratagems. These all have a purpose.

Arc Thrower▼►▼▲◄◄An energy-based weapon that fires an arc of lightning into close range. Can charge up to shoot bolts.
Autocannon▼◄▼▲▲►Fully automatic cannon that is effective against light vehicle armor. Comes with a support backpack to reload.
Eagle 500kg Bomb▲►▼▼▼A massive bomb that obliterates most targets at the impact site.
Eagle Cluster Bomb▲►▼▼►A targetted air strike that can clear out smaller targets in a large area.
EXO-Patriot Exosuit◄▼►▲◄▼▼Fully operational mech armed with 14 rockets and thousands of rounds of mini-gun ammo.
Expendable Anti Tank▼▼◄▲►A single use weapon that can deals massive damage to vehicle armor.
Grenade Launcher▼◄▲◄▼Fires grenades that are effective against armored infantry.
Orbital Precision Strike►►▲A single heavy shot from the skies that deals considerable direct-impact damage in a medium-sized area.
Mortar Turret▼▲►▼►A powerful turret that fires projectile shells in a high arc, effective at long ranges.
Supply Pack▼◄▼▲▲▼Supply boxes full of ammunition that you can distribute to fellow players.
Helldivers 2 B Tier Stratagems
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B Tier Stratagems

Our B Tier Stratagems aren’t bad but aren’t necessarily great, either. However, they usually have certain situations in which they can be very useful, so it’s worth having them unlocked.

Autocannon Sentry▼▲►▲◄▲This automated cannon turret excels at taking out armored units with anti-tank ammo.
Eagle 110mm Rocket Pods▲►▲◄A barrage of rockets focused in a targetted area.
Eagle Napalm Airstrike▲►▼▲A barrage of rockets focused on a targetted area.
EMS Mortar Sentry▼▲►▼►A barrage of napalm bombs creates a wall of fire around an enemy.
Gatling Sentry▼▲►◄Automated turret with a high rate of fires. Deals friendly-fire damage.
Guard Dog Rover▼▲◄▲►►Autonomous drone guard dog with a laser rifle.
Machine Gun▼◄▼▲►High power machine gun with increased recoil and reduced accuracy.
Recoilless Rifle▼◄►►◄High-power machine gun with increased recoil and reduced accuracy.
Stalwart▼◄▼▲▲◄Compact, low-caliber machine gun with faster reload than most machine guns.
Helldivers 2 C Tier Stratagems

C Tier Stratagems

The C Tier Stratagems aren’t that useful except for maybe specific situations. You might find a spot or two in which a Stratagem on this list is effective, but typically you’ll be better off using Stratagems above.

Eagle Strafing Run▲►►A strafing run over a specific area intended to clear small targets. Strikes almost immediately.
Flamethrower▼◄▲▼▲Close-ranged incendiary weapon that ignites targets, terrain, and teammates.
Guard Dog▼▲◄▲►▼A close-ranged incendiary weapon that ignites targets, terrain, and teammates.
HMG Emplacement▼▲◄►►◄A large turret that requires player-interaction to operate and fire.
Jump Pack▼▲▲▼▲Allows the user to jump higher than gravity and safety would allow. Must be charged before use.
Machine Gun Sentry▼▲►►▲Automated machine gun turret that also deals friendly-fire damage.
Mines▼◄◄▼Deploys self-arming mines that automatically detonates on close proximity contact.
Orbital 380mm HE Barrage►▼▲▲◄▼▼Wrecks extended destruction over a large area with a prolonged barrage.
Orbital Airburst Strike►►►A projectile that explodes while airborne, raining down deadly shrapnel barrage.
Orbital EMS Strike►►◄▼Fires a projectile that temporarily stuns all targets in the strike radius.
Orbital Gas Strike►►▼►Creates a cloud of corrosive gas harmful to both organic and robotic lifeforms.
Orbital Gatling Barrage►▼◄▲▲Fires a barrage of high explosive rounds in fast rotation.
Rocket Sentry▼▲►►◄Automated turret that is effective against armored targets. Will focus larger enemies.
Smoke Strike►►▼▲Deploys a large thick smoke screen to block line of sight.
Spear▼▼▲▼▼An anti-tank homing missile that is effective against large and armored enemies.
Tesla Tower▼▲►▲◄►Short cooldown turret that deploys a massive Arc charge when something enters its radius.
Helldivers 2 D Tier Stratagems
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D Tier Stratagems

If there’s a spot where any of these D Tier Stratagems are effective, I haven’t found them. I don’t recommend grabbing this at the moment as they simply aren’t worth taking up a slot.

Ballistic Shield▼◄▼▼▲◄A backpack with a ballistic shield that protects against small arms fire.
Laser Cannon▼◄▼▲◄A heavy weaponized laser beam that uses no ammo but can overheat.
Orbital 120mm HE Barrage►►▼◄►▼Fires a precision artillery salvo over a very small area.
Shield Generator Relay▼▼◄►◄►Creates a stationary energy field that protects you against incoming projectiles.

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