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Helldivers 2: How to heal your teammates

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Helldivers 2 can be a tough game, especially in the higher difficulties. The ability to kill things like Chargers fast will make you a valuable asset to the team. But is there more you can do? Yes! When your teammates are injured in Helldivers 2, you can heal them.

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To heal your teammates in Helldivers 2, you have to approach an injured player and press the appropriate button or key to hit them with a Stim. For PC players, you need to press the E key. On a controller, it’s either the A button for the Xbox pad or X on the PlayStation 5. You’ll know you can heal your ally when you stand near them and the “STIM” prompt appears.

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You will need to have an extra Stim to give, mind. Using it to heal someone else removes it from your inventory. The player also needs to be heavily injured for the prompt to appear. In my experience, you can heal others when they’re at 50% health or under.

Can you play a Healer class in Helldivers 2?

You don’t choose a class per se in Helldivers 2, but I have wondered if you can cosplay as a ‘Healer’. By that, I mean a person who runs a certain build designed to get to people fast and heal them. If you’re interested in more, we also tried making a Support class in Helldivers 2.

After some experimentation, I came up with this build:

  • Armor: CM-21 Trench Paramedic
  • Primary: SMG-37 Defender
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer or P-4 Senator
  • Grenade: Any
  • Booster: Vitality Enhancement


  • Eagle Smoke Strike
  • Shield Generator Relay
  • Shield Generator Pack
  • M-105 Stalwart

Let’s break down the loadout of this goofy healer class. When it comes to armor, any that comes equipped with a Med-Kit passive can work. And there are plenty of armors with said passive.

However, the Trench Paramedic is special. It’s classified as Light Armor but with a lower Armor Rating than the default Infiltrator. It makes up the difference between it and other light armor by having increased speed and stamina. The main issue is that the armor is only available for 250 Super Credits on the Superstore, which cycles gear every two days.

There is a way to farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2 if you’re a bit low.

Helldivers 2 How to heal your teammates the best armor for healing in the game - Trench Paramedic
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It’s perfect for a healer class, as it allows you to reach injured teammates faster than with a Medium Armor that boasts the same passive.

I went with the Defender SMG for run-and-gun gameplay. The one-handed weapon allows you to fire at enemies on your tail without having to turn around. Your job is to get to allies and help them, not kill everything in sight. I went with either the Redeemer or Senator as a secondary to dish out the damage when needed.

Helldivers 2 How to heal your teammates using the SMG to kill bugs behind player
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For Stratagems, I went with the ones that were better suited to support a team. The Smoke Strike does wonders when your team needs to cut and run from enemy forces. Using a Shield Generator Relay on bot missions will keep your team protected on objectives. I chose the Shield Generator Pack for personal defense, since you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first. The Stalwart is there because you still need to kill enemies, and the weapon is better balanced than others.

How well does the Healer class work in Helldivers 2?

But what about the results? Well, overall the healer build was interesting. It provided me with a different way to experience the game than having to run the classic Railgun and Shield Pack combo. Sadly, it performs quite poorly during high difficulty-missions and is not geared well at all for Automatons.

Maybe with some tweaks, it can shine. For now, there still doesn’t seem to be a better way to spread Managed Democracy than with overwhelming firepower.

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