Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has been sketching up a Pokemon storm

Slowbro has never looked more in control

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Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, is sketching up a storm in support of World Central Kitchen, an organization that brings meals to communities in need. He’s been branching out to other fictional universes – including Pokémon – and you’ve got to see his take on these iconic pocket monsters.

File this one under “too cool not to share on a sleepy afternoon.”

They’re familiar, yet alien. Monstrous, yet lovable. And I truly understand how Poliwag feels. You’re doing great, buddy. You got this. Don’t let anyone pressure you into evolving before you’re ready.

Mignola started this particular sketch series (at least in part) because his daughter asked him to “do some Pokémon.” He capped the excursion off today with a drawing of Pikachu, as you do.

Went pretty far down that road,” he said on Instagram. “Need to get back to my own planet for a while.”

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