Helghast soldiers invading Home, giving away Killzone 2 demo codes

You have to hand it to Sony — its marketing department can be … inventive … at the very least. Although the publisher’s decision to “limit” the Killzone 2 demo to pre-orders seemed a bit confusing (that is, unless you simply made a European account like we all did), Sony’s method of opening the download up to all American users is downright bizarre.

“My intel tells me that Helghast forces are en route to PlayStation Home today,” comments Sony community manager Jeff Rubenstein. “Fortunately, the Helghast won’t be armed with STA-52 Light Assault Rifles (per se), but with demo codes for Killzone 2.”

Phew! So long as they’re not armed with STA-52 Light Assault Rifles (per se), I am quite relieved.

Apparently, all you have to do in order to get your hands on a code is to find a wandering Helghast in Home, “work up the courage” and ask him. The cheeky space fascist will be more than happy to supply you with the goods. You are then welcome to get on your knees and simulate oral sex with him, just like everybody else in Home

Seriously though, I actually like this idea for some reason. It’s certainly silly, but it’s fun, and that’s something Home seems to seriously lack. This is a creative way of using the program and I can imagine it’ll prove quite popular with the PS3 die-hards. The Helghast should have been roaming around since last night, so keep ’em peeled.

Also, some sort of prize is in order for whomever can provide evidence that they gave a Helghast a quick blowie tonight.

Jim Sterling