Heavy Rain trailer heavy on rain, mystery, awesomeness

I am obsessed with Quantic Dream’s previous title Indigo Prophecy and now, after viewing this new Games Con trailer, I am officially obsessed with PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

Wow. I really can’t wait to play this game.

For anyone not familiar with Heavy Rain, or even Indigo Prophecy for that matter, the game is being written and directed by Quantic Dream’s CEO David Cage. Like Indigo Prophecy before it, Heavy Rain focuses more on storytelling than gameplay. Dubbed the first interactive movie, Indigo Prophecy utilizes timed button presses, a complex conversation system, and scripted set pieces to present a very cinematic experience.

As evident in the above trailer, this same engrossing presentation seems to be making a grand return. I never thought I would say this in the year 2008, but the expertly directed action scene looks very reminiscent of Dragon’s Lair. And, surprisingly, that’s a really good thing!

If Heavy Rain lives up to the advance hype (promised real-time tears; advanced rendering features; revolutionary, interactive storytelling; detailed tongue, hair, even finger animation) gamers everywhere should be in for something beautiful and refreshingly unique. Lucky for us, this gorgeous trailer seems to be a step in the right direction.

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