Heavy Rain to get DLC? Quantic Dream wants to make the actual game first

It’s getting to the point where downloadable content is almost a given for any videogame worth its place in the market. We’ve come to expect it, and when you’re even talking about DLC for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, you know we’re entering a bold new era.

Luckily for us, Quantic Dream has its priorities straight, and has explained that its primary focus is on making the finished product before moving onto any possible extras.

“Honestly, my focus is on putting as much content as possible on the Blu-ray,” stated awesome-voiced director David Cage. “We have many plans for DLC, but I won’t work on them until the game is finished and fully satisfying. Games are expensive; my focus is to give as much as I can to gamers for their money.”

I loved David Cage simply because he sounds so soothing and lovely during the tutorial for Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, but now I love him even more. That’s a great attitude to have, and I wish certain Namco Bandais publishers would regard DLC in the same way.

Here’s to Heavy Rain being just as accomplished as Fahrenheit. If it meets that standard, we’ll have an excellent, excellent game to look forward to.

Jim Sterling