Heavy Rain is light on information: Have a smart screenshot instead

I’ve been interested in Heavy Rain since I first heard about it, and that interest grew into excitement when I heard that the team behind it was Quantic Dream, the same chaps responsible for the magnificent Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Sadly, however, trying to find information on Heavy Rain is like trying to find condoms on a Catholic honeymoon.

Ah well, at least this above image is really pretty … in a creepy, uncanny valley kind of way. You can check out a handful of other images of this young lady and more right over here — certainly detailed and impressive work. Heavy Rain, thus far, is really selling itself on how unnervingly “lifelike” the characters are, but I really want to see some gameplay now. Women with eyelashes are terrific and all, but give me more to chew on than this, please. 

You’re good people, Quantic Dream. Don’t let me down. 

[Thanks to Yoj1mbo]

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