Heavy Rain DLC will make a murderer of you

Heavy Rain is finally on the horizon, which means it’s clearly time to start getting some details on upcoming DLC for the game. In an interview with Quantic Dream’s David Cage, French site GameBlog TV was given some tidbits about what we can expect post-release.

Called Heavy Rain: Chronicles, the DLC will be short expansions to the story. As we already know, The Taxidermist (the first demo level of Heavy Rain shown back in November of 2008) will be the first bit of content. Subsequent episodes will include a prequel story about drug-addicted FBI agent Norman Jayden and a chance for players to play as the much touted “Origami Killer” who lies at the center of Heavy Rain‘s plot.

I’m digging the idea of playing as a serial killer, especially in a serious context. The new content should be arriving fairly soon after the game releases, though no specific dates have been given yet. 

Heavy Rain : le tueur aux origamis jouable en DLC [Gameblog.fr (translated)]

Conrad Zimmerman