Hearthstone finally adds more deck slots

Also a recipe builder

After two years of complaints, Blizzard has finally added more deck slots to the game. There’s now 18 slots, double the original limit, to mess around with. Now you can have two decks per class! Deck Recipes are also in, which help suggest new cards to use.

Finally, Liadrin is coming as a Paladin hero character, but instead of paying $10, you’ll acquire her through World of Warcraft by leveling a character to 20. Sadly, you will need to level a character to 20 after 11AM PT, March 11, to unlock her. Retroactive accounts will “not be rewarded.” Very lame.

Alternatively, you can unlock a new WoW mount by winning three games in Hearthstone (play or arena).

Hearthstone Patch Notes [Battle.net]

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