Headmaster adds Party Mode and PS4 Pro support

Don’t forget the microfiber cloth

Strange sports game Headmaster has a new update that’s worth a look for PlayStation VR owners.

Most notable is Party Mode, shown above. It’s a rework of the turn-taking local multiplayer component with nine mini-games, ranging from Non-Alcoholic Pong to Darts to “See if you can dislodge Robert from the toilet.” There’s also an initials prompt for leaderboards, and PlayStation 4 Pro functionality: “2x supersampling with MSAA,” or, “like you’re wearing a new set of eyeglasses.”

I also like the sound of certain levels getting another pass on difficulty, as the game can prove unnecessarily challenging at times. Frame Interactive has “gone through and eased up some of the tougher levels” such as Lesson 31, which “in particular was tripping many players up.”

This all sounds like reason enough to return to Headmaster if you’ve been neglecting it for other PSVR games, or to look into it further (hey here’s my review) if it fell through the cracks back at launch.

Headmaster Party Mode Update Adds 9 Multiplayer Levels Today [PlayStation Blog]

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