New footage from the Last of Us TV show has leaked

Things are looking promising so far

Ever since HBO’s TV series adaptation of The Last of Us was announced, fans have been clamoring for any and all information to see what the project might look like. The series is filming right now, meaning we’re still a way out from its premiere, but we do have some new leaked footage to help tide us over for a while, as well as to give us a sense of what the show is going to look and feel like. I have to admit, I’m more skeptical than most because this game is very close to my heart, but I’m pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen so far.

As of yesterday, new footage surfaced from the show’s filming location in Alberta, Canada. The clips, taken in downtown Calgary, feature military vehicles, roaring crowds, and plenty of gunfire — cheers of “Freedom!” and “Fuck FEDRA!” can be heard, the latter of which refers to the game’s fictional Federal Disaster Response Agency.

Based on what the crowds are saying, we’re probably looking at members of the Fireflies, the rebellion group that sets Joel on his journey in the first place. It’s likely that Calgary is being used as a stand-in for Boston here, as most of the encounters with FEDRA in The Last of Us occur at the start of the game, which begins in Massachusetts before taking players on a trek across the country.

Back in March, we got our first glimpse of Sam and Henry, two major characters in the game’s second act, who have not yet officially been revealed as part of the cast and whose actors still remain unknown.

Some fans also noted that in the photos, Bella Ramsey is wearing Ellie’s winter clothes. That timeline doesn’t quite match up considering Joel and Ellie encounter Sam and Henry in the summer section of the game, but it’s likely the show will be making some changes in the timeline. That’s fine with me — as long as they do it well, that’s all I care about.

Noelle Warner