HAWPcast: Once Upon a Pixel

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’ is a surreal comedy series made by Anthony and Ashly Burch. Once Upon a Pixel is a completely different series made by some of the same people. If you hate one, you may like the other.

Ashly Burch is out with the flu, but don’t fret — Ashley Davis, the creator and star of Once Upon a Pixel, is pinch-hitting for her. She has more letters in her first name, and is thus a quantitatively better person.

This week’s episode isn’t as zany, unfocused, or long as other installments of the HAWPcast (it’s less than 40 minutes), but there’s still a lot to enjoy, here; Davis talks about the basic philosophies driving Once Upon a Pixel, where it is, and where she wishes to take it. And also divulges her shoe size.

As always, you can listen to the show here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Anthony Burch