HAWP: Far Cry 2 is here, watch it

I am honored to bring you this installment of ‘Hey Ash, Watcha Playin.’ Usually, Ashley does such things, but she is in a land without internet and so the duty falls upon me. She left me with these instructions: “All you have to do is take a screengrab for the header, say something funny about it and link to the episode. It’s really easy!”

Sadly, I have nothing funny to say and I think I did the header image wrong. The only part I seem to be getting right is linking to the episode which is here. I mean here. Here. Right here! Why won’t this damn thing link!? The episode is right HERE! This just won’t work at all. Oh great, there it is. Yea, real easy, Ashley. Thanks.

Well, it looks like I’ve pretty much blown this all around. Tried my hardest, really. I should just leave the posting of regular articles to the experts.

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