Hawk eats rabbit in EA’s Wildlife: Forest Survival

Gator against rabbit. Hawk versus fox. These perennial feuds will be brought to life by Electronic Arts next year in Wildlife: Forest Survival for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

This multiplayer-focused title has players taking on the role of one of four forest animals, using each of the critters’ skills to stalk prey and elude predators. 12 players will fight against one another as they track prey in forest arenas. The rabbit will use quickness and its “sense danger” ability; the artful fox will slink behind unwary adversaries; the hawk will strike from the air; and the gator will hang out in water hoping one of the other three will want to take a bath… a death bath!

Wildlife: Forest Survival will feature eight maps, ranging from areas dense with trees to rocky terrain. It’s out in the spring, and I intend on playing it while wearing an animal costume — my hawk outfit just came back from the dry cleaners!

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