Havendock washes up on Early Access April 20

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I will build a dock that is also a gauntlet

It’s almost time to live among the waves, as Different Tales has announced that YYZ’s ambitious dock colony builder, Havendock, is coming to Steam Early Access on April 20, 2023.

A previous beta and a demo offering have shown that Havendock has got the gusto. It’s a colony builder set in the middle of the ocean, where you get your humble beginnings through gathering driftwood and eventually build up to a full micronation. You farm, craft, and invent to build up your oceanic paradise.

The sole developer, Yeo Ying Zhi (YYZ), has shown a commitment to including the community surrounding Havendock in its development. “I wish I could procrastinate everything, but I don’t want to disappoint the people out there waiting for Havendock. It’s a great motivation, though, now I actually need to set an alarm to go to sleep,” they said in a press release.

I appreciate that the trailer gets right into the action. The animation and character interactions are a little rough looking, but why hide that? It’s a solo-dev effort, and more games are just starting to own that title.

YYZ is planning on having Havendock in Early Access for the rest of the year. For its early launch, a lot of the building is already there, but the story still needs fleshing out, and the goal is to incorporate a lot of community feedback. It sounds like it will be an adventure to see where the concept goes.

Havendock is releasing on Steam Early Access on April 20, 2023 for PC.

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