Haven has a dazzling opening movie

Still on track for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2020

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I can’t say for sure that everyone who clicked with Furi will also gel with Haven, a role-playing adventure “about love and freedom,” but I think we can all appreciate the splendor of this opening movie. It slaps!

Haven‘s watercolor opening was directed and designed by Yukio Takatsu and Yapiko Animation. As for the song, it’s an original from Danger, who also contributed to the Furi soundtrack.

“Opening movies really set the mood before you start the game,” according to The Game Bakers creative director Emeric Thoa. “The first time you launch the game, you get a peek at the tone, the values, the characters. Watching them years later, they revive the memory of the whole adventure.”

“The art style is different from the art in the game of course,” Thoa explained in a blog post, “but it’s in essence exactly what we are trying to express with the game: a couple of characters who love each other, and with whom we hope you are going to fall in love in turn.”

I’m intrigued by that PEGI 18 rating – this game must go places.

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