Have you opened your Morrowind Advent Calendar yet?

Don’t be a s’wit this Christmas.

Morrowind: a gingerbread advent calendar in front of an Elder Scrolls 3 house.

When you think of Christmas, you probably don’t think of Morrowind. And why would you? With its fantasy folklore and cursed Ashlands, it’s not a fictional universe ripe for December joy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be an outlander and not get into the spirit of the season.

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To get all of us in the mood for the holidays, Nexus Mods user Danae123 has created an in-game advent calendar for Morrowind. Consisting of one gift per day, it gives you the chance to have a little festive joy up to December 24.

Morrowind: Christmas stockings above a chest of drawers.
Image via Danae123/Nexus Mods.

Yes, I’m aware that we’re now seven days into the month. That’s on me for not spotting this sooner. But you can still claim a gift-a-day from a secret cabin for the rest of the time period.

Candy canes and moon sugar

For obvious reasons, Danae123 doesn’t say what the advent gifts are each day. You wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise now, would you?

As for how you can collect your presents, when asked on the mod page, a user was told that it’s a “vanilla cabin on Solstheim that you are sent to during the Moon Sugar Mystery quest.” Given this, you’ll need to make sure you have the Bloodmoon expansion installed at the very least, as this is the only way to get access to the Morrowind island.

While many are still playing Skyrim, it’s nice to see that the classic Elder Scrolls games are still getting some love. They might not officially celebrate Christmas on the Dunmer island of Vvardenfell, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a Christmas smile as you slash through Nix Hounds and bandits.

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