Have you ever wanted to kickstart a game that was already out?

Now you can!

Usually shady developers don’t make it easy to figure out who they are. Some will create fake accounts to bolster “review” scores and others will upload their games with entirely different studio names. I’ve yet to hear of a developer put a Kickstarter up for a game that is already released.

Enter Evilzed Productions with its game The Youthdrainers. Putting aside the questionable content of the game, the Kickstarter page for this “product” fails to mention that one can buy the game on Steam. Yes, if you’re so inclined to put yourself through hell, you can already buy The Youthdrainers.

On Kickstarter, the bottom of the page indicates that the game is 90% complete. Why, then, is it not listed as Early Access on Steam? What is going on here? I suppose $2.99 isn’t such a bad price, but clearly something is wrong here.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.