Have some pretty RPG eyecandy: Magna Carta 2 screens

I played Magna Carta 2 back at E3 time, and at the time it struck me as a solid entry in the RPG genre as long as you aren’t looking for anything groundbreaking in terms of story. One thing it definitely has down is good looks, and these new screens from Gamekyo certainly prove that. Despite its unique battle system, I’m thinking I am going to pass on this one once it comes out in the US this October, if only because eighty hours is a long time to spend playing some predictable.

I’ve also heard word that the first game in the series is not so great (and the mediocre score it earned on Meta critic seems to match up with what I’ve heard gamers say about it). I’ve been thinking lately that we need an RPG to come out and totally turn the genre on its ass, just like Final Fantasy VII did way back when. Otherwise we’re just stuck with more of the same: stunning-looking games that don’t really grip us the way we want them too. What’s the best RPG you’ve played in the past few years, and why did you enjoy it so much?

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