Have no fear, a Resistance patch is near

Own a PlayStation 3? Play Resistance: Fall of Man? Do you play it online? OK, now that we’ve widdled down our audience to the four or five of you who can say “yes” to those questions, we’ve got some good news for you: a mulitplayer balancing patch is in the works. Straight from Insomniac’s mouth:

“I can’t yet talk about all the things we’ve changed, but I really think that people will be very pleased to see how responsive this is to some concerns that have come out since we went live. We’ve addressed a few key balance issues and put a big focus on making it possible to more effectively use a variety of strategic and team-based tactics in the game. I’m very excited to see how people like the change when it releases. That should happen very soon, so stay tuned.”

Happy now? Console games meet PC games. PC games, make sure you tell console games all about how great patches are. Welcome to next gen.

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