Has Nioh redeemed Team Ninja for you?

Other than co-developing Hyrule Warriors, they had a rough patch

Back when Itagaki was at the helm, Team Ninja was riding high. Say what you will about Dead or Alive but it made an impact on the 3D fighter market in the ’90s, and Ninja Gaiden‘s pristine reboot? Say no more. But after he left, they started to really suffer. Ninja Gaiden 3 was a disaster, Other M was poorly recieved, the Dead or Alive series lost its luster for many, and to top it all off, they co-developed Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

It was a fall from grace, but they’ve been slowly currying favor these past few years with co-development on Hyrule Warriors, the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade project, and of course, the entirely Team Ninja developed Nioh. The latter is really important, as they’ve created the western samurai simulator all on their own, and after going through two well received betas, it’s clear that it will deliver the goods.

I really want Team Ninja to stick around, as we don’t have enough technical action directors around anymore. From Software is moving away from Souls, Platinum Games has been splitting time between original projects and licensed moneymakers, and Capcom is too busy remaking games to give us another proper Devil May Cry. No to mention — Itagaki’s new studio fumbled out of the gate and may never recover. The more the merrier.

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