Harvey Relief Done Quick weekend begins now

Best wishes to all those affected

Games Done Quick is doing a short weekend marathon of speed-runnning in typical GDQ fashion to raise money for those affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas this week.  Harvey Relief Done Quick is kicking off with Mega Man X and includes speed-runs of games such as Prey (2017), Super Mario Galaxy 2, Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, Chrono Trigger, Viewtiful Joe, and of course Super Metroid.

Donations will be going to the Houston Food Bank, which will “provide food and supplies in the short term and for many months to come to residents in southeast Texas who will struggle to rebuild their lives. The Food Bank will work closely with their network of partner agencies to ensure food is getting to those who need it most. They also find ways to connect offers of help with those who are providing help.”

I didn’t know about this until just now. It doesn’t look like they’ve booked a big venue, rather people are streaming from their own homes which makes sense considering the suddenness of the hurricane. I was planning to cave in and binge on college football but it looks like I have some extra entertainment out there.  Let’s go show our support!

Cory Arnold
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