Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada warns of the dangers of too many sequels

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“I think the games industry worldwide is in danger if we keep making sequels,” Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada told the Italian version of Eurogamer.

We have no beef with what he’s saying. New IPs are welcome anytime, game makers. 

“I think new IPs must keep coming, not only to give more variety to the gamer but also to keep the creative people creative,” Wada said. “What is the point of having creative developers if they are just making existing games better and not thinking of new ideas?”

It’s funny, though. Wada says that “maybe we will consider” a sequel to their upcoming Wii title Little King’s Story. And isn’t there a ton of Harvest Moon sequels and spin-offs out there? 

I don’t think sequels are as “dangerous” as they are a total waste of money. Yes, gamers do get bored. And yes, designers do get lazy. But low sales are good motivators, and the teams will eventually be forced to make something new and fresh.

[Via Eurogamer]


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