Haruka finally lets loose in Yakuza Online’s TGS trailer

Return of the Dragon

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios unleashed two trailers for the upcoming Ryu Ga Gotoku Online (aka Yakuza Online) at TGS yesterday and it contains one hell of a sight for fans of the series. Apparently, Haruka has had enough of everyone’s nonsense, because she actually judo throws a guy down to the ground. Maybe hanging around Kiryu for the better part of a decade has rubbed off on her? Speaking of Kiryu, he makes an appearance at the end and boy does it look epic.

Along with the cinematic trailer, a gameplay video was shown off and I’m not really feeling it. I understand that Sega has to do something with Yakuza, but I’m much more looking forward to Project JUDGE than this. Hopefully whatever form Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku (likely Yakuza 7) takes is better than this.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Online will be heading to PC, Android and iOS sometime this year in Japan.

『龍が如く ONLINE』スペシャルムービー [YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
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