Harmonix to create a virtual reality experience for Samsung Gear VR

Visualizer for your face

Remember that new Samsung Gear VR that we told you about a few days ago? Harmonix sends word that they’ve signed on to create a new virtual reality experience for the device. 

Harmonix Music VR is a music-listening dream-like experience that uses the company’s Music Analysis Engine to generate VR world elements. It’s a visualizer that you can stick your face into. Neato.

“Harmonix has always been interested in creating fundamentally new ways for people to interact with music,” says studio CEO Steve Janiak. “There’s an incredible amount of potential for this with virtual reality, and Harmonix Music VR is just one way we can deliver on these types of innovative experiences. We can’t wait to hear what people think about this new way to experience the music they love.”

Expect Harmonix Music VR to launch alongside the Gear VR this year.

Dale North