Harmonix kicks off crowdfunding campaign for…Rock Band 4?


We all knew Harmonix didn’t strike gold with Rock Band 4 sales-wise, but this is something else.

The publisher has announced a FIG crowdfunding campaign for Rock Band 4, which will apparently benefit the core game as a platform and fund a PC version. Within an hour of its announcement it hit approximately $20,000 of its lofty $1,500,000 goal, with 35 days left. Rewards at lower tiers of the campaign basically involve free digital copies of their other releases, 30 bonus tracks at the $49 level and above, and the PC edition of Rock Band 4 when it launches.

When it does eventually hit Steam, it will retail for $59.99 with 65 songs. Instruments are sold separately. I wonder how this will turn out. All signs point to…not great?

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