Harmonix/EA too lazy to come up with song list for Rock Band, asks fans

Here it is — Nex’s opportunity to finally get Slint’s “Darleen” in a music game.

Harmonix and Electronic Arts are not only looking to step on Activision’s sack with stiletto heeled shoes this Fall, but they’re also aiming to please. They’ve begun to accept fan submissions for songs to be included in the upcoming Rock Band, and if there’s anyone who can get your favorite tune a the game, it’s these guys. 

Besides the fact that it’s going to cost gamers $321 to start their own virtual band, Harmonix and EA have a lot of clout behind them. We’re talking MTV here, folks; these guys have their pulse on Slint’s entire back catalog of less than 20 songs, and they have Metallica’s manager’s cell phone number.

Still, something about this feels off. It’s like when you go to a rock show and there’s a drunk, annoying shirtless dude that keeps yelling the same request at the band, over and over again. Forty-five minutes into the set, they play it, and the guy is just pleased as a peach. They played his song, dude. They were listening to him. That chick over there with the teased hair and mini-skirt is so gonna make out with him tonight.

But here’s the thing — the band already has a set list. They were going to play it anyhow. And that encore you just spent ten minutes losing your voice cheering for? That was on the set list, too. But don’t let that stop you from voting to have your favorite song in Rock Band. Because, really, you can make a difference. They promise.


Nick Chester