Harmonix, EA, MTV drop Rock Band; e-heroin addiction not included

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Remember the other day when I told you that MTV, EA, and Harmonix were collaborating on something huge? Well, they just announced it; Rock Band is coming and it’s going to rock you not unlike a hurricane.

USA Today has a story about the announcement, and the details made me as giddy as a groupie meeting The Nuge circa 1977. Apparently Harmonix wants to greatly expand the premise presented by its Guitar Hero series by allowing four people to form a band in person, or online to melt faces with fists full of awesome.

Other than that nugget, the details are somewhat scarce, but based on the article, we’re envisioning a foursome of players all over the world keeping rhythm with various simulacra of traditional instruments. Picture this: you’re shredding away in your bedroom in Seattle, your cousin is keeping time on a faux-drum set in LA, a forty year old ex-GnR roadie is laying down a heavy bassline in Baltimore and a waifish Canadian teenybopper is belting out Copkiller. If they include a bonus game where Tipper Gore calls you a “plague on society”, I’ll buy unicorns for the entire development team.

(Editor’s Note: I almost forgot, Rock Band will be coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 around the holiday season, assuming none of the devs OD. — Nex) 

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