Harmonix delays Amplitude into 2016

Some Kickstarter backers get it earlier

Harmonix’s new Amplitude is being delayed once again, as Kickstarter projects are wont to do.

The PlayStation 4 version will be launching in December for “early access” backers, the studio just announced, with the public release coming one month later, January 2016, at least on PS4.

Anyone still using a PlayStation 3 will have to wait a little bit longer, Harmonix says, acknowledging that while the stay comes as a disappointment, it will hopefully result in a bigger, better game.

Harmonix initially planned to release the rhythm game this March after raising more than $844,000 on Kickstarter last May. It was then pushed back to summer, but apparently still needs more time.

An update on Amplitude [Kickstarter]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson